Famiglia Cooperativa belongs to the consumers' cooperation movement of the Trentino area and operates through a network of nine shops located in the Valley of Rabbi and in the lower and upper valley Valle di Sole. Today's group is the result of a series of mergers, conpleted in 1997, which involved as many as six distinct cooperatives: Caldes (established in 1900); Terzolas (1901); Piazzola di Rabbi (1910); San Bernardo di Rabbi (1911); Vermiglio (1920); Pracorno di Rabbi (1921).

Consumers' cooperatives (which in Trentino took the name of Famiglia Cooperativa, and one could say a name which is also a program!) were born between the end of the '800s and the beginning og the 900's, thanks to the action of the local clergymen, staunch supporters of the Raiffeisen model, who won, with their persuasive force, the fears and reluctancy of the rural population towards the suspicious novelty of the "cooperative." That was a very difficult economic and social context, where migration was the attempt to find the answer to the precariousness of peasants' life. The priests succeeded at interpreting to interpret the needs and the hardships of many families, because they were experiencing the same everyday difficulties, so they began to spread cooperative principles through publications, articles and debates with the aim of focusing on the objectives, the spirit and the benefits of mutual actions. It was the stubbornness of a country priest, Don Lorenzo Guetti, considered the father of cooperation in the Trentino region, which led to the creation of the first "Cooperative Society of Rural Consumers' trade" in Santa Croce in Bleggio in 1890. The cooperative favored the supply of agricultural and consumer goods stocks on particularly advantageous terms, and organized the joint marketing of local products provided by the members. Soon, little cooperative groups (families) spread in all the valleys of Trentino, in spite of the difficulties and obstacles, becoming an instrument of economic, social and cultural freedom, for the communities involved.

These are our origins, this is our common history, this is the responsibility of Famiglia Cooperativa, in the third millennium: to continue to be the engine of the development of our community, where the first cooperation family was born over a century ago. Is this possible? It certainly is, but it implies a very clear definition of: IDENTITY and ROLE - MISSION and VISION.

Identity and role
This requires constant attention, in accordance with our Statute and Conduct Code, which are the ethic reference documents of cooperation, not to loose but rather to enhance our distinctiveness of our group, whose purpose is not profit but mutual support. Consequently, the relationship with members, who are also the owners of Famiglia Cooperativa, must be based on its original spirit: that of mutual trust. Members are acknowledged a central position through concrete tools such as refunds, loans, training courses, democratic participation and economic benefits: this must be the North Star that guides the activities of Famiglia Cooperativa.

Mission and vision
We must keep in mind that our goal is to be a GOOD COOPERATIVE, a cooperating family that is able to act as an efficient and competitive business venture and, at the same time, bear the social responsibility from which our community can obtain a greater benefit. In this way we strengthen the reputation capital of the group which is recognized as a partner for the construction of the greater good.
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